Wagner's music is better than it sounds. —Mark Twain


I am a student in the music program at the University of Michigan. I am pursuing a BFA in Jazz Studies, and have the privilege of working with two very great piano teachers: the incredible Geri Allen and the master, Ellen Rowe. I am a student in both the classical and jazz piano traditions, but my current study is in jazz and new musical forms.

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and picked up five years of experience in jazz ensemble with the Northview High School big band under the direction of Max Colley, Jr. While there I played with many great players, including Spiro Sinigos, Jordon Richards, and Henry Koperski. Back in middle school I received national recognition by winning the outstanding soloist award from the prestigious Downbeat Magazine student music awards.

In high school I won first-place outstanding soloist awards at the Detroit International Jazz Festival, the Metro-Michigan Scholastic Jazz Competition, and at high school jazz festivals at the University of Michigan, Central Michigan University, and Western Michigan University.

I graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy in 2010 where I was in the piano studio of Michael Coonrod and the jazz studio of Bill Sears. Kurt Ellenberger was my piano teacher for eight years--he taught me to play piano. I currently play with a lot of different people--Julian Allen, Joe Fee, Jordon Richards, and others.